Time Warner & Google Fiber

More to this story as TWC states that it doesn’t see Google Fiber as a threat, yet moves to offer Austin free wi-fi

Part of the genius of all this, whether it is intended or not, is that Google is in a position to force existing ISPs to actually compete and improve their services, something government has not been able to do. Internet accessibility, as well as the speed with which that accessibility is delivered (not to mention the cost), will be a defining factor in how competitive and innovative the U.S. remains in the global marketplace. The Obama administration is encouraging students to pursue careers in the STEM fields, which is a step in the right direction. However, if the tools available to those students are slower and more expensive than what students have access to Hong Kong, Korea, or Japan, what can you expect?



A few months ago, my uncle passed away. It was not his passing which was in and of itself a shock, but the manner in which it happened. He committed suicide by leaping to his death from the 37th floor balcony of a hotel room. Up until yesterday his death had been a mystery to me. There were no details and no one witnessed the event. We didn’t know if it was an accident. Yesterday it was revealed to me that he had left a note and intentionally ended his life.

In retrospect, suicide may seem to have been the most likely explanation. But if you knew this man it would never really cross your mind. After my grandparents passed away, my uncle had become the pater familias. He was the one you went to for guidance and help. He never asked for any such favor in return. He was the rock solid pillar our family leaned on. He always seemed to be in control. So sure of himself. So capable of handling anything.

He had served his community as an otolaryngologist for nearly 40 years. He was loved by his patients and their families. He had handled medical cases of all kinds. But it was one of these cases that had led to a malpractice suit, and this had weighed on him tremendously. He couldn’t sleep and he began to unravel. That pressure became too much to bear.

I am not writing this to advocate for restrictions or caps in medical malpractice lawsuits. I am not writing this to argue that we need to invest more in mental health services in this country, though I do believe we must. I am not writing this to blame the plaintiffs or their legal representatives in the case that seems to have driven him to such despair. I am writing because there is nothing else I can do. I am thankful that at least I can do that.

He was a good man and he lived a meaningful life. That’s all anyone can ask. The world was a better place with him in it, and I miss him dearly.